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J.B. Vample

Things that I hate 


So, despite the fact that today is a beautiful day weather wise, I have a damn headache, so I'm going to just shed some light on a few things that I hate.....Here we go!

1) Beets- Why do they exist? Just gross!

2) Insects- I don't care what good they do for the atmosphere...I hate them! Ugh, especially when a flying one gets in my damn house. Have you ever tried chasing a fat, loud fly around your house to kill it? It's not fun and you will look stupid doing it. It will annoy every fiber of your being. Now I will say that the only bugs that I can tolerate are, butterflies and lady bugs because....well face it, butterflies are pretty and lady bugs are adorbs. Oh and I will tolerate a praying of the greatest styles of martial arts was generated from studying the mantis sooooo, yeah I like it. 

3) Being late- If there is one thing that will make me turn from nice to evil in 2.5 seconds, it's being late. I hate it! Especially when the cause of my lateness is other people. Now if I am late because of my own mess..don't get me wrong, I'm still mad because I try to respect other people's time just like I want people to respect mine, however, I can handle that a bit better. But when it's due to someone else, UGH!!!!! Like, I could have a party to go to at 4:00pm, I'm dressed, face on, hair done, ready to roll.....then the person I'm going with is just getting in the shower at 3:50pm!!! WHY?!....Now I have the smack face all day because I'm annoyed.

4) Cooked raisins- Yes, that means no oatmeal raisin cookies for me. No carrot cake with raisins in it, etc...I can thank a bad childhood experience with raisins in my damn oatmeal for that. I told the heifer who made it that I didn't like them in my cereal and she made me eat it anyway...and I threw up, so yep, won't eat them to this day. OMG I recently had a big pretzel. I was tearing the thing up and didn't know that it had raisins baked in. One of those nasty little things hit my tongue! I almost lost my damn mind. Lol

5) Bananas- Just never liked them, nuff said. 

So, that's that. Just a few things  that I, J.B. Vample, hate....hate is such a strong word, maybe I should say dislike....Naw, I'm just going to stick with hate. This is what happens when I have a headache that won't chill. LOL Until next post! - J.B. Vample