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J.B. Vample

Sidra Howard

Full Name: Sidra Ophelia Howard

Birth Month:  September

physical description:  5'7", brown skinned, slender figure, long dark brown hair

Without knowing her, sum her up in one word:  Bougie

Favorite Color: Blue

Style:  Classy / business. Sidra's wardrobe is full of dressy, business attire. To see her in sneakers or jeans is rare.


Family Life: Sidra is the youngest and only girl out of four children. She is very close with her mother Vanessa and is treated like a princess by her father. Her brothers are the typical protective older brothers. Sidra comes from an upper-middle class family. and resides in Delaware


Personality:   Sidra is considered “the stuck-up one” of the group. She’s very refined and sophisticated. Even though she is dainty, she will not hesitate to curse a person out or fight if need be. Her mother taught her to be a lady, but she also taught her not be afraid of anyone.