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J.B. Vample

"I absolutely Love the series!! Definitely a MUST read ! The characters come to life from the beginning to the end. If your looking for excitement and drama.....then order the series NOW!"

"Soooooo, after reading book 1, I absolutely fell in love with this series, the characters, the story line and everything else about the book. Now that I've read part 2, I can say that I am HOOKED! I can relate to all of the characters (even the guys) in some way! Every character is well put together and grasps the readers interest in their own unique way! Hands up and heads down to the author! There is so much attention to detail, it's not even funny! Book 3 can't surface soon enough! The antics that the characters experience are insane and hilarious and the growth and development for each individual character shows is phenomenal! Not only will you laugh, you will cry, get angry, get upset..... everything! It's an emotional roller coaster and I am in line for the ride! Kudos J.B. Vample! Keep 'em coming!"

"The cover of the book is nice. Most of the time when you choose a book, the pictures on the cover kind of give you a picture to go in your mind with the characters as you are reading. I know you described the characters very well, but the cover picture gives you a face to go along with the descriptions. So, even if it was just a bunch of teenagers with book bags, a cover picture would have been great.
The story was very well written. The plot of the story focused on the college students and it stayed there. The story flowed at a great pace. It covered all aspects of college without boring the readers.
The spelling and punctuation was perfect. It had no errors that I could catch. The author started off with giving you a peep into the lives of the female characters.
The characters were hilarious. There was a group of young ladies that just graduated high school and moved to college. There, they met a group of guys that had just graduated high school and moved to college. All of them had their own personalities. In the beginning of the book you would assume that they all were going to be enemies. Somehow, someway they all turned out to be the best of friends.
I would recommend this book to any reader. This book will make a great gift to graduating high school seniors. I give this book 5 stars, great job."

 "All 9 personalities are so different and unique that it’s so hard not to get drawn in. Their back stories are all fascinating, some deal with bigger problems than others but that doesn’t stop their problems being something to deal with. It’s a web of problems, emotions and bonding! I was really entertained by the girls as they have such sass and aren’t afraid to tell their honest opinions about each other, which surprisingly made them all respect each other by the end. I have to applaud J.B. for writing so many characters in to a book as the main focus and absolutely smashing each and every one! I can’t wait to read book 2 and I advise you all to pick up this one off of Amazon!" -  Read review in it's entirety from Platinum Diaries  here

"This second installment to the series was such a great book. It was full of excitement, lies, crushes, and college pranks.
The editing of the story was superb. No errors in sight, and that feat alone isn't conquered by every author. The cover of the book was cute and flashy. The cover actually details the book. It fits perfectly.

The characters were introduced well. Although readers will pretty much know everyone, they added on a few extra characters. These new characters were introduced in part one, but they got action in part two. However, the author still gave details just in case you didn't read both. The plot was very well written. I loved how the author threw some spice in it to make it different from part one.

This book was really funny. The jokes will have you in tears. The book flowed very well. It was easy to keep up with. I was hanging on to every word. I loved how the author merged these groups of kids together. They were all different but yet they made it work. The author's series will help kids and parents understand what it is like to go to college and fit in. She put this story together very well. I would recommend this book to all readers(especially students). This was a very good book. I give this book 5 stars. #DaReviewersApproved"

"I read alot of books an i have to say this is honestly one of the best books ive read. It sends you emotions on a wild roller coster. An keeps you coming back for more. I would recommend this book to everyone that loves to read. Cannot wait till Book 2!!"

"I have read this series from the beginning of their freshman year til now and the way the characters evolve and go thru changes and deal with issues and life reminds me of my college years with my friends! This book was not only funny it had some curveballs thrown in as well which I was not expecting at all! Absolutely loved this book from beginning to the end could not put it down! I literally read it in 2 days! Would definitely recommend this book from young to old everyone could relate to some part or storyline in this book. Definitely Buying my sister a copy for when she goes back to school tho!"

"I love, love, LOVE this book! It takes me back to my college life experience! This is a great read for young adults and even old adults!! 😂😂 I absolutely CANNOT wait for book 2! #TeamMalajia"

"Love it.....can't wait for the next one"

"This book was a delightful read. Funny and even a bit scary this time around. I love how you're moving your characters forward as they begin to learn more about themselves and deal with their own hard lessons. You've done a wonderful job with this series so far,"-  Comments from J.B. Vample's  editor

"PERFECT! Entertaining from beginning 2end! I'm so in love with this series! It's definitely a must read!"

College Life 201: Sophomore Studies

"High drama at its best! These pages are filled with an intense storylines of relataeable subjects. The characters will move your heart and stir up your emotions. A+ writing at its best."

"So here we are! Book 3 and I'm still amazed at how J. B. Vample is able to keep me capitaved and engrossed in these characters lives! I'm officially an addict! And ooohhh, the surprises and secrets revealed.... I can't! Definitely #TeamMalajia! A "must read". No, no.... A "You better read! " When I tell you, I'm so into these series, I swear these girls are my friends in real life! All of my emotions have peaked! Again, fantastic job with the way you show each individual's growth and development! I honestly can relate to all of the girls.... Even the guys, lol! Bravo, Mrs. Vample! Book 4, where you at!? ❤"

"This book takes you back to being in college and having to forge friendships with people who wouldn't necessarily be in your circle. Old friends became new friends again and solo people became a part of the circle. It was an amazing story of friendship and having each other back whether you want to or not. Now don't get me wrong it was a lot of bickering honey. I'm talking down right nasty feuding in this book. Secrets get revealed and secrets get half told. Lots and lots of drama! And straight up laugh out loud moments....." - Read review in its entirety from 556 BookChicks here.

"After reading book 4, all I can say is, 'J.B, GIVE ME MORE'! This series has my emotions all over the place! The way Mrs. Vample develops these characters has me wondering what else she has going on in her head! The way I'm captivated by these characters, I promise these girls are my friends in real life! AND the guys! Oh, and don't get me started on the twists and turns and story line reveals (I don't care if that's a thing or's happening in this book)! I'm ready to call Malajia like "LISTEN're drawlin'!" Oh! And Chasity....Ms. Parker....Her "upbringing reveal" was like "I knew it, but I didn't, but I thought I did and it wasn't"! Bottom line- what J.B. Vample has done with this series, thus far, is simply AMAZING ( for lack of a better word)! Keep 'em coming J.B! I honestly haven't read much over the years....not like my younger years and this series has me feigning for more reads! My fave author! I would love to meet and shake the hand attached to the pen by which this genius (series) is written and thank her for expanding my mind, my imagination.....and my friends list!"

College Life 202: Core Principles

"This book was truly a page turner. You could easily relate to the characters, it was funny, a MUST read. Felt like I was reliving my freshman year of college all over again!"

College Life 102: Social Learning

"I  have TRULY enjoyed the College Life Series so far!! Each book has me IMPATIENTLY waiting for the next one to come out. These books keep me on the edge of my seat and leave me laughing, crying, angry and excited. These Characters are my best friends in my head! Keep up the good one and I can't wait for the next Book.....Please Hurry...Your Fan for Life!!Type your paragraph here.

"The second book is even better than the first! Chasity is still mean as ever, but she loves her circle of friends (even if she won't admit it). Malajia is still special as hell. Emily still letting her mom control her. Alex is still trying to mother hen everybody. But Sidra! Oh we get to see a different side to her this semester. She may be prissy and proper, but she will put them paws on you if necessary! That whole fight scene......" Read review in its entirety from 556 BookChicks here.

​College Life 101: Freshman Orientation

"This book was amazing. Can't wait until the next book. When using your imagination the characters really come alive."         

Just some of the amazing testimonials/reviews!!

"This story is a web of problems, emotions, triumphs, bonding; so many aspects of life that a reader can appreciate. It tested my decision-making skills and had me on my toes! I feel like I've grasped some new things, (lessons) that I want to keep in mind when my girls go off into the world. I've gained some major insight on judgement (as if I didnt already hate it enough)! This plot teaches the importance of priorities, friendship, loyalty, money-management, family, love, and especially... FEMALE SUPPORT. This is BIG TIME, which you know I love and live by. The story was soft at times and made me put on my "mommy hat". Other moments had me partying and joking around with my girls! There were times I wanted to jump into those pages and FIGHT; and situations that had me hysterically "Laughing Out Loud!" I absolutely Loved it! Truly, a good book"- provided a full review on "College Life 101: Freshman Orientation". Click here to read the review in its entirety.

"WOW!!! This second book in the series did not disappoint. I really enjoyed seeing more of the comical side to all the characters in book #2. The food fight and pranks were over the top hysterical. I'm so excited about this series as a whole. I love all the characters and I'm already so invested in what happens to them. I hope the next book will be coming soon. I'm hooked!"