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J.B. Vample



Happy Friday everyone!!!!! Made it through another work week and it doesn't feel like Sub-Zero and Elsa are having a damn fight outside. LOL

Today's blog will be short (as if the others are long, right?). But I just wanted to take a moment to reflect....Besides writing, I love listening to music. I will listen to all types. I don't care if it's rap, pop, R&B, rock, jazz, video game sounds, TV show soundtracks...if it has a good melody, I'm listening to it. Music calms me. Any song that I have on my phone can speak to a mood that I am feeling at any given time. Music also provides  good memories for me. Certain songs take me to a "happy" place and make me smile......Growing up, I listened to all types of radio stations, I didn't care what was popular, I listened to the stations that I wanted to listen to....There is this one station in particular that my grandmother used to listen to all the time when she went to sleep and that was Smooth Jazz WJJZ. Now, as a twelve/thirteen year old I was like...Jazz, ugh. Really? Booooo. But when I used to spend the night and she had it playing, I really started getting into the songs that were playing through her stereo. It got to a point where I started listening to the station while sleeping even when I wasn't with her. The songs that plays over and over just had a calming affect on me and every time I heard them when I wasn't with her, they made me think of her.....See, my grandmother is my everything okay, she has always been one of my favorite people in this world and still is to this day.

Radio stations and the songs that are played in rotation change all the time. Some songs from my childhood are never played as the stations try to stay on top of new songs....But one station that has never let me down has been WJJZ. (OMG when they went off the air on FM radio, I almost cried! I felt like my heart broke....yes, it was that serious for me. LOL. But when they showed back up on AM radio.....if you could've seen the Cheshire cat smile on my damn face. :-D). They still play the same jazz songs that I remember from my younger days with my grandmother. I listen to it on Sunday's, I listen to it when I write most of the time. The memories that these songs bring back of my carefree days with my grandmother and the fun times that I had with her,  the times spent over her house (which I still drive past like a stalker, even though she hasn't lived there since my old ass was like twenty-two years old...but that's irrelevant.). The times that we spent one on one just hanging, watching movies, talking. She was and will always play a huge part in every milestone in my life. As we both get older, the reality sets in that....she won't be here forever. So now, more than ever I reflect back on my memories with her as I continue to build new ones. I am truly blessed and grateful for her. Grandmothers are awesome!!! They are your secret keepers, your friend, your confidant, your treat sneakers, and some of your biggest least in my case and I hope in yours too.

That's all I wanted to say for today. It's beautiful outside, take advantage of it.....and make sure, if you are fortunate to have your grandparents still around, give them a call. I'm sure they would love to hear from you. :-) -J.B. Vample