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J.B. Vample

Redraft hell 


Yet another Friday is upon me and as usual, work is pretty light (thank God). So I get the chance to do some more redrafting of book three of my series.  Okay, let me start off by saying that I started this book back in 2005ish maybe? I probably finished around 2006. And I don't think that I've read the thing since then. So, years later,  after drafting three more books, starting another, hiring an editor to edit the first book, publishing  the first book, redrafting and editing the second book; I finally got the chance to open the file and start the redrafting process. All I had to say, when I laid eyes on the draft was.....What in the entire f&#k was I writing back then?!

Here's the thing, I have a huge imagination and there are scenes upon scenes that run through my head for the characters of these books. So, I guess everything that came to mind, whether it made sense or not, ended up on the paper....I tell you , instead of bringing things out through dialogue, I would describe every-damn-thing in a paragraph before  the actual scene took place,  I had all caps everywhere, which means that characters were yelling at the top of their damn lungs about everything...Why did they have to be that loud all the time, tho?  Scenes were broken up when they didn't have to be, some of the dialogue was overly done....don't get me wrong, the major events of the book were still good, but the lead-ups and the way  that they were executed were....let's just say....not the best.

Now, before I met my first editor, this is how I wrote all of the damn drafts.  Anyway, she helped me change my writing style.  She helped me realize where some things needed to be cut, and where I could expand on others. And while I did not agree with everything  that she had to say (cause, let's face it, nobody knows my characters better than I  do), I appreciate the help that she gave me. My style has changed so much, that when I redrafted book two on my own and sent it to my current editor, she told me that it was executed even better than the first. yeeeeeesssss, that was awesome to hear!

It's funny, I actually queried agents with that old mess that I wrote in the past, LOL. No wonder no one picked me up....But, I'm not mad.  I'm glad that I took the self-publishing  route. Sure it's hard work, but it's giving me a taste of this industry from the ground floor. But still...I wonder what the agents thought when I sent them sample chapters of the old drafts, *shrugs* oh well.

Enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend!!! XOXO -J.B. Vample