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J.B. Vample

Malajia Simmons

Full Name: Malajia Lakeshia Simmons.
Birth Month: August

Physical Description: 5’9”, brown skinned, slim figure, dark brown hair (natural color) Burgundy (dyed).
Without knowing her, sum her up in one word:  Trampy

Favorite Color:  Red

Style: Trendy / revealing. Malajia's motto is "less is more". Her clothing is short, tight and see-through. For her to wear something that covers her, it would have to be a blizzard.


Family Life:  Malajia is the middle child of seven girls. Attention is what she always craves, but rarely gets it from home unless she does something bad. She hates being home with her family in their Baltimore house, and always finds ways to stay away. She grew up middle class.


Personality:  Malajia is considered “the party girl” of the group. Most people think  
that she is a whore because of the way that she dresses and acts. She loves attention and will dress and flirt in such a manner which gets it for her. She is also known for her exaggeration of stories. What people don't know is that Malajia will stand up for her friends in a heartbeat.