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J.B. Vample

Make Time 


Good afternoon. While I'm waiting for this file to transfer at my 9 to 5, I figured I would write a long overdue blog post. So, since my first book was published in December,  I have edited book 2, finished book 6, started book 7 and am in the process of redrafting book 3. I tend to share my progress on my social media sites because I like for my readers to know where I am in my writing. In doing so, and in talking with people, I  have been asked the question of : "How do you make time to do all of that writing while working a 9 to 5, etc?" My answer to this question is very simple. I make the time.  My philosophy is, that there are twenty-four hours in a day, I'm gonna pull some time from somewhere to be able to focus on my writing.

Most of the time when I go home after work, and after the gym (an hour on the  ellipitcal machine does wonders for my imagination...oh and my figure too :-)), I sit at my laptop and write. Sometimes I don't watch TV for days at a time. Why watch a TV show when I can create one? (My lips to God's ears.) There are nights that I go to bed waaaayy too late because I can't stop typing until I get a scene out, or until I finish a chapter.  Sure, I'll be cranky the next day because I'm tired.....oh well, LOL . Sure, I'll ignore my husband for two weeks while I'm trying to proof read a, I'm joking, I don't ignore him....all the way. j/k ;-) But seriously, when it comes to your dreams and your passion, you have to make the time to focus on it. I get that we are busy with life. We have jobs, we have families, etc, but  there is always time in the day to work on making your dream a reality. Even if it's only a few minutes, or an hour. 

There are times when I'll tell everyone in my house to leave me the hell alone because I need to write. I mean, so what if the dishes don't get washed right away. They'll sit in that damn sink while I write these chapters, damn it!...Well, okay, I'll wash them only because I can't function in mess...But you get my point. :-)

Your dreams and your goals are important. Take the time for yourself to work towards achieving them. Hell, even if you don't know what you want to do in life yet, use that time to figure it out. Make yourself a priority, make your dreams a priority, fit it in, make the time. XOXO -J.B. Vample