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J.B. Vample

Lack of teen readers


Hey! So I came across a meme the other day which consisted of an empty table and a sign which read "What Teens Are Reading Now".  That simple, yet powerful image got me to thinking.

When I was a teenager I loved to read .📚 I was in the library every few days checking out books. Now it could've been due to the fact that I didn't have a life as a teenager, lol. Nevertheless, books fueled my imagination, they allowed me to escape in to world's, they allowed me to wish for better. Even when I became an adult, I still had that love for books. Nowadays, our teens don't read. It's sad, but true.  Now I'm not saying that ALL teens don't read,  but a lot of them don't. (Including my seventeen year old sister...who is of target age for my book series by the way. SMH, trifflin',) And I don't think that it just has to do with all of this rached TV, social media  and video  games. IMO I just feel that there aren't many books with characters that our black teens can relate to.

Now, even back in my teen years when I read, I didn't find too many books then that had characters that I could relate to as a black teen. At least not for the mindset that I had. Spending the majority of my teen years in South Philadelphia, my mind was far from the street life, and I mean faaaaaar from it. I wanted to read about places other than the corner. I dreamt of college and a better life. I fantasized about that life so much, that I started my book series when I was the same age as my target readers. Being someone who wanted to read something different; I thought of a concept that high school and college students would find appealing. I created characters that they could relate to.

I  want to get back to a place where our teens read. My target audience for the "College Life series" is upper YA/New Adult (even though my readers have been of all ages, which is freakin' awesome sauce :-) :-)...And I say upper YA which I believe is sixteen/seventeen and up due to language and some content...don't say I didn't warn you), so feel free to direct readers of those ages to my books. :-) Now, of course I had to do self-promotion here, but as much as I would love for all teens  to read and love my series, I know that not all will. I just want this next generation to read a book, even if it's not mine. Seriously, these teens need to put down the phones, turn off the TV, stop twerkin, get off the damn corner and pick up a book. It's good for the mind and the imagination. 

Okay, that's my little post for today. Reading is fundamental, reading inspires. Get back to doing it. Peace. - J.B. Vample