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Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by. I know it's been a while since I posted a blog. Trust me, I've had a lot to talk about over the past few months but just haven't gotten around to posting anything. Until today that is. So for those of you who don't know me, I'm what you call an "observer". I focus on my work, mind my damn business and basically just hold my niceness, friendship, etc while I observe how people act, interact, what have you. So based on what I've seen and heard all around me, I have decided to take a brief break from this redraft of book 4 of The College Life Series; which by the way, is going great! I should be finished before the end of this month! And so will end the last of the hard redrafts. The rest of the series will be a piece of cake.....Anyway, back to what I was saying. In observing things, I just felt the need to say....People complain to f*ckin' much for me. I'm sorry, I can't. Like, come on! People complain that they hate their circumstances but don't do a damn thing to change it! Allow me to provide some examples.

"I hate my job." - Okay fine, you are entitled to hate your job. there was a time when I hated my 9 to 5 too. What are you doing to change it? Are you looking for a new one? Are you trying to figure out what you really want to do in life? Are you taking steps to make that happen? Or are you just sitting there whining about it?  You can vent all you want, but if you're not doing anything to fix your circumstances, then you're wasting your breath  and people's damn ears.

"People don't support me." - Okay, this I understand. You feel like the people who are closest to you, should be the first in line to support whatever you're doing. Should that be the case? Yes. Is it the case? Nope! at least not all the time. And guess what, you harping on it, won't change it. Suck that up and prove to them WHY they should support you. Continue to work your a$$ off to achieve everything you set out to and trust me, those same people will be like "heeeey, I remember when--" and then, you can either smile or dismiss them...with a smile. What you choose to do then is up to you. But even if you feel let down, don't give those people the satisfaction of knowing that what they do or don't do, affects you. Just keep it pushing and let your success prove them wrong. 

"I can't find a man/girl." - *rolls eyes* okay first off, stop trying to "find" some-damn-body! Find yourself,  fix yourself,  make yourself  happy before you go looking for someone else to. Now, yes, I am currently married, but I was single at one point....for a long time.....a looooooonnnggg time....did I say long time? And in that time, I learned how to be one with myself. I learned what makes me happy, what pisses me off. I learned that I don't need anybody to validate me. And granted, yes there were times when I felt the lack of a relationship. The lack of love, but at those times, I remained focused on me, I focused on my hobbies. And when I stopped looking, that's when love found me. Heeeyyy babe <- (I just shouted out my husband...who am I kidding? He isn't reading this. LOL) Back to my point. Stop complaining and get a hobby, work on yourself first.

"I'm bored. I have no social life."- *long blank stare*  Get out the gotdamn house then! No you won't have a social life as long as you're marinating on the couch in a onesie! Get out, take yourself to lunch, go to a bookstore, go to  the park. Go meet some new people. Hell, call up the ones you already know and plan an outing...stop waiting for people to invite you some-damn-where. Make the planssssss! And if you're still harping on not being able to find a significant other. Well, you can't do that  sitting on the couch either. I'm just saying.

"J, I don't like the way you're talking to me."-'re just gonna have to deal with that, cause I'm not changing it. Don't irk my face and maybe I won't be so harsh...Next.

"I'm cold/hot." - Put a damn blanket on or take something off! (I complain about the heat/cold all the time, so that was for me too...See, I'm not immune. LOL)

"I just want to complain about everything." -SHUT UP! God, some people just whine about everything no matter what you do. They complain when you don't  do something, they complain when you do  because it's not how or when they  wanted it to be done. Just-- *pinches the bridge of nose and sighs* look, if that's how you get through life then do you. But keep away from me with that nonsense. Nobody wants to be around someone who is always so damn negative. At least I don't.

"People stay in my business."- Stop telling people every f*cking thing! That one kills me. You tell everybody and their mama, every single thing that you're going through, then get an attitude when someone comments or offers one of their "opinions". Shut up sometimes! Unless you genuinely want some sound advice, which is perfectly fine. Then by all means, share away. If you're looking for a good debate on something? By all means, share away. But don't say some extra mess and then get mad when people say something....Whatever. And I'm not even gonna get started on people who ask an opinion and when it doesn't agree with theirs, gets an attitude. Bottom line, if you don't want people in your business, shut up about it. 

Now some of you may agree with me, and some may say that I'm being too harsh. That some people are just so down and out that they can't do anything but complain. Look, I'm not saying that there hasn't been and will continue to be times when I complain. Hell I'm human. But I tell you one thing, after a pity party, I kick myself in the a$$  and say be grateful for what you have, how far you've come and where you're continuing  to go, and I keep it pushing. I complain every time I spend money! I enjoy holding on to my damn money and when I spend an abundance, I'm not gonna lie, I cry a little....No, I'm lying, I don't cry...I whine. But when I look at how much my business, my house, hell, my damn closet  is improving...I smile. (I might have exaggerated on the closet. I haven't been on a good shopping spree in a minute. But that can wait, this book business comes first.) So yeah, go ahead and vent but make sure you put plans into motion to change what you're complaining about. 

That is all for today. I hope that you've enjoyed my little rant session. If you didn't...ah well. LOL. As always, focus on your goals, always be yourself, pray, push on and stay humble. XOXO  J.B. Vample. :-)

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