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Hey everybody, its been a while...A long while. In my defense, these series characters keep me busy at the keyboard :-). Well I'm in a bit of a ranting mood today, so here it goes. After researching some author events at a particular place online (no, I won't name the place),  I used my lunch break to take a walk in this damn heat in order to check out the venue for a book signing for my second book "College Life 102: Social Learning". First of all, I have on this hot a$$ button down shirt and these black a$$ pants that are too damn big because I lost weight and just don't want to spend money on more dress pants , so I didn't really plan on walking anywhere other than the sub-stop when it was time for me to leave the office  for the day.  Anyway, I made it to said place and went to speak with someone about hosting the signing. The conversation was going well, the young woman was going to give me information and as soon as I mentioned that I self-published, I immediately  received the "Oh, they don't do events for self-published books." My face instantly went into RBF mode. (If you don't know what that means, it means "resting bitch face"....If my father is reading this...yes, I use the term and I will continue to use the term. Do not lecture me about it :-):-).) I tried to prevent it, but I can't help it...I'm a work in progress. 

Anyway I  just politely said "okay, thank you," and went on my merry, hot way. But in my mind I was steaming and still am. I hate the fact that because I decided to go the Indie route, that my work is already pre-judged. I get that some self-published authors put out bullsh#t. I get that you don't want your name associated with said bullsh#t. But to just shoot an author down without so much as knowing what the book is about or even their following  is annoying. Not every self-published author puts out crap and not every author backed by a publisher puts out gold....*insert Prince eye-roll here*. 

Hell, if you are unsure about the book, pre-read the thing  before you make a decision, I have no problem with providing a gift copy of either an e-book or paperback for reading/review before any event. If you don't like it after reading, cool! I'll leave you alone. But to tell someone "no" right off the rip? It's not cool......It's a bad cycle. They want you to be trade published, but the big ones won't look at you without an agent and most of the big-name agents won't look at you because you're not writing in a category that has already been done to death....(I'm only speaking from my own experience here. There may be other reasons why an agent won't sign me, but this makes me feel better. LOL) ...So, that being said, you're stuck....You self-publish and work your a$$ off but can only get so far because people have this presumption about self-published books, therefore no chance is given.....What are you supposed to do?......Well, I tell you what I'm going to do.  I'm going to pick my pretty face up off the floor, go home, change this hot a$$ shirt and think of other ways of getting my name out there. Hell, you won't let me hold an event there? It's cool, I'll hold my own. I may be pissed, but I'm no quitter. So I'll keep pushing until one day the term "self-published author" will no longer mean something that people should be leery of.....I'm still irked, because it's hot and I walked in these shoes.....I hate when my time is wasted. Oops, I switched from negative to positive, back to negative again....Oh well. 

Anyway, to my fellow self-published authors who are out here griding  in order to make a name for yourself, keep your head up. There will be light at the end of this stupid, long  tunnle . Until next time! #Team Author #TeamIndieAuthor #KeepPushing #MuchLove

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