J.B. Vample

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Emily Harris

Full Name:  Emily Kelly Harris
Birth Month:  March
Physical Description: 5'7", light skinned, slender, mid-length, sandy brown hair
Without knowing her, sum her up in one word: Wimp
Favorite Color:  Pink
Style:  Comfortable/Concealing. Emily chooses her wardrobe to hide her figure. Sweats, jeans, t-shirts and maxi-dresses, are her main choices.

Family Life: Emily is the youngest of four children. Her sister and brothers don't seem to care much for this baby of the family. Her mother makes up for the lack of sibling love by babying Emily and being extremely over-protective.  Her parents are divorced, and she resides in her  mothers home in New Jersey. She is still close with her father, who resides in North Carolina.

Personality: Emily is known as “the baby” of the group. She is always quiet, shy, and has a really hard time standing up for herself. She is always afraid that if she says something wrong, someone will hurt her feelings or stop being her friend. She sometimes wonders why people want to hang out with her at all.