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J.B. Vample

Chasity Parker

Full Name:  Chasity Taj-Marie Parker

Birth Month:  February

Physical  Description:  5'8", slender/shapely build, light-brown skin, long black hair.

Without knowing her, sum her up in one word:  Evil

Favorite Color:  Black

Style:  Trendy / Expensive. Chasity has expensive taste and her wardrobe is often envied. 

Family Life:  Chasity is an only child. She grew up living with her mother Brenda and her father in Tucson Arizona. Upon leaving for college, Chasity moved out of her parents home and into the home of her wealthy aunt Trisha, who spoils her.

Personality:  Chasity is considered “the mean one” of the group. her smart mouth, short temper and bad attitude, gets her into plenty of arguments and fist fights. What people don't know is that Chasity is more funny and caring than she wants people to realize.