J.B. Vample


They smile in your face
and you smile back.
Completely unaware that all of the love and
friendship that you have given to them
was a complete waste.

 They pretend to be your friend
and you believe them.
They make you think that they will always be
there ‘till the end.

 Little do you know,
that when you’re not around.
They rip into your soul
and slam it to the ground.

 They sit around and have ‘let’s discuss what we hate about this girl” talks.
They talk about whatever comes to mind,
such as your personality, clothes,
the way you speak, and even your walk.

 They laugh at the fact that you trust them completely.
They don’t care about how you’d feel
if you ever found out
that they were ripping into your being.

 You support them through everything that they do.
You tell them your deepest, darkest secrets,
not knowing that behind your back,
they’re using them to make fun of you.

 You go on with a happy heart,
thinking that everything is going your way.
Until by accident you find out
all of the ignorant and disrespectful things that they say.

 Instead of jumping to conclusions,
you wait and see.
You wait and see if your whole friendship has been an illusion.

 When you find out that what’s been said is true,
you feel like your heart has been ripped from your chest.
How can they do this to you?

 How could people that you trusted whole-heartedly
drag your name through the mud?
Are these the same people that you called your family?

 As your love for these people turns to hatred,
you begin to understand that it’s strength that they lack.
Because if they had it as they so claim,
then why were they afraid to say these ignorant things to your face?
Why did they say them behind your back?

 So learn from my mistake,
don’t be so quick to label someone as a friend.
Because in your mind you may think that with this person you are tight,
but it might be that same exact person who will be quick to backbite.


-written in 1999




Copyright © J.B. Vample (Author). All rights reserved.