J.B. Vample

Alex Chisolm

Full Name:  Alexandra Danielle Chisolm
Birth Month:  July

Physical Description: 5'9" Dark skinned, thick / curvy figure, natural, wavy shoulder-length hair

Without knowing her, sum her up in one word: Nosey

Favorite Color: Earth tones

Style:  Eclectic. Alex never follows trends and will wear whatever doesn't break the bank and makes her comfortable. She knows how to dress for her body type.

Family Life: Alex is the oldest of three children. She is very close with her younger sister and brother as well as both of her parents. Growing up with humble means in Philadelphia, Alex took it upon herself to often work in order to help her family financially. Despite not growing up with much other than the necessities, Alex has never complained.

Personality: Alex is considered  “the mother” of the group. She is always protective when it comes to her friends, and can be extremely opinionated when it comes to their lives. She cherishes each friendship that she has, and loves the fact the all of her friends are so different. 

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