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J.B. Vample has completed her 2017 book tour and is working on filling her schedule for 2018


J.B. Vample is an  author of  contemporary fiction books. She is currently writing The College Life Series;  a new adult, character driven series surrounding the lives of five young black women and follows them as they make their journey through their four year of college.  


J.B. Vample  is constantly working on other books in The College Life Series.

***** COLLEGE LIFE 301: JUNIOR SEMINAR is now available!!!!****

 J.B. Vample has started writing Vol 9!!!

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J.B. Vample

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Fun facts

Some of ​J.B. Vample's favorite movies are:

Perfect Body

Hocus Pocus

What's Love Got To Do With It


Independence Day

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Just to name a few :-)